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Company Valyen


Proper nutrition is the key to health. To support the welfare of your family, we strive to bring a new product to your house. For us, this is a paramount task.


We constantly explore and develop the useful properties of our products. A firm trajectory in the field of research allows us to acquire the necessary experience and knowledge, and the technical means give us the opportunity to keep pace with the times.


We work for the welfare of your family, this is our goal - to protect and preserve the quality of products.

Our factory

V.K. Valyen S.A.U. Is a young and rapidly growing company. Our goal is to become the most efficient company in the entire post-Soviet space. In the medium term, our efforts will be concentrated on conquering the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

We strive to ensure that the success of the whole company V.K. Valyen S.A.U. contributed to the prosperity of our society and each of us. The key components of our success are efficiency, dynamism, quality, technology and personnel.

The mission of V.K. Valyen S.A.U. is to become the best company when it comes to unsurpassed quality of products, production volumes and efficient logistics that will allow to supply with its production all the most important sales markets in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The company's strategy is aimed at long-term business growth, expansion and strengthening of the partner network, satisfaction of the highest demands of consumers for our products.

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