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Company Valyen


Proper nutrition is the key to health. To support the welfare of your family, we strive to bring a new product to your house. For us, this is a paramount task.


We constantly explore and develop the useful properties of our products. A firm trajectory in the field of research allows us to acquire the necessary experience and knowledge, and the technical means give us the opportunity to keep pace with the times.


We work for the welfare of your family, this is our goal - to protect and preserve the quality of products.

Our factory

V.K. VALYEN S.A. is a Spanish manufacturer and supplier on the world market of carob flour.

The production complex of the enterprise is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which makes it possible to manufacture products with unique properties, excellent characteristics and the absence of comparable quality manufacturers on the market.

This is achieved through a deeper technological processing of raw materials.

This product is environment friendly, produced without the use of artificial components, as well as various chemical and biological additives. Meets all control requirements and has the necessary quality indicators for these types of products.

Our team is committed to provide a healthier eating option, and this is our top priority.

With our clients, we strive to create not just business partnerships, but truly friendly ones.

Our team is open for feedback and discussion. Managers of V.K.VALYEN S.A. will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

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