Kibbled Chufa

One of the priority activities of the company "VALYEN" is the industrial processing of earth almonds (chufa).

Kibbled earth almond

Crushed chufa is used as an ingredient for the production of the following products:

  • frozen desserts;
  • yogurts;
  • milk desserts;
  • confectionery and bakery products;
  • breakfast cereals;
  • various kinds of muesli.

We offer refined and kibbled earth almonds of varying degrees of grinding

This production is focused, first of all, on various enterprises of the food industry.

Purified nut is suitable for all types of caramel, as well as for different types of chocolates. Caramelized nut has a more pronounced nutty flavor. A sweet crust protects the crushed nut from moisture, which allows you to keep its solid consistency. This is relevant for products where nuts can be produced in a moist environment. The caramel layer protects the product from air, it slows the process of rancidity of fats in the nut and increases the shelf life of the semi-finished product.

Sprinkle a surface of bread with chufa before baking, or after it. You can pre-coat any glaze on the bread, then sprinkle with a powder, or simply press the earth almonds into the dough. By the way, the ground almonds added in the dough will give bread a pleasant taste and improve its structure.

Also, the powder is used after glazing with egg yolk. Most often such powders are used to decorate sweet pastries - pies, rolls, pretzels.

To add a special flavor to baking, sprinkle it with earth almonds or add it directly to the dough before kneading. The spicy taste of chufa enriches pastries, making it more useful and tasty.

Ground almonds (chufa)

Useful, delicious and nutritious product is completely ready for use, has no contraindications and helps to maintain your health.

When sorting peeled nuts, the appearance of taste and smell, moisture, contamination, the presence of underdeveloped nuclei is determined. If the kernels are rotten and moldy, they are removed.

Chufa is very nutritious, contains a large amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and other minerals. To satisfy the daily rate of fat, two dozen nuts are enough for a person. A valuable fact is that there is a lot of linolenic acid in the oil of chufa, which has a positive effect on the development of the body, preventing atherosclerosis, and regulating blood pressure. Chufa strengthens muscle strength and quickly relieves muscle fatigue.

Chufa removes fatigue, restores strength, gives courage. Did you know that in ancient Babylon the priests forbade the poor to eat nuts? The priests reasonably believed that nuts strengthen the mind thus feared that poor might become smarter. Thank God, now everyone can eat nuts what they want and how much they want.

The technologies used by our company allow preserving the whole complex of substances with which earth almonds are so rich. Regular consumption of chufa increases the body's resistance to the impact of unfavorable environmental conditions and prevents the emergence of many diseases that arise in this regard, prolongs a person's vital period, increases immunity, helps to eliminate the chronic fatigue syndrome, normalize cholesterol, improve blood composition, increase efficiency, stress.

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