Realization of the strategic plan of VALYEN S.A.U. to become a leading player in the market of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan is impossible without building a competent and extensive network of distributors who truly are our partners in business development.

We are open for cooperation, and our aggressive expansion gives potential partners great opportunities to join the common cause.

Our products are in constant demand and loved by customers, thanks to the highest quality.

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To become a distributor of VALYEN S.A.U., you need:

Presence of warehouses and transport for delivery of products:

  • Availability of storage facilities to ensure the stock of products.
  • Maintaining inventory to ensure customer orders.
  • Delivery by specialized transport.
  • Delivery of orders within 24 hours from the moment of acceptance of the Order.

Presence of trading team:

  • A distributor must have a trading team to collect orders and promote VALYEN S.A.U. products.
  • Sales representatives and cameramen form a sales order, i.e. actively offer the product, inform about new products, promo-actions for products.
  • Provision of a workplace for an employee of the company VALYEN S.A.U., which controls the work of the trading team.
  • The manager of the company VALYEN S.A.U. formulates plans for sales volume and promotion goals for the sales staff of the distributor.

At the conclusion of the Distributorship Contract, we take into account the following:


  • The distributor carries out trading activities only within the agreed territory.

Implementation of the Sales Plan

Meeting the Distribution Targets

  • Fulfillment of the goals of covering the retail trade network on the territory (the number of active points).
  • Fulfillment of the goals for the representation of VALYEN S.A.U.'s product range in the outlets on the territory.

Trading Conditions for Distributor's Customers

  • Compliance with retail prices recommended by VALYEN S.A.U. (retail prices for retail outlets).
  • Control over the mark-up for VALYEN S.A.U. products in retail outlets.
  • Implementation of special promotional programs for customers organized by VALYEN S.A.U..

System of reporting and control

  • Provision of sales reports in the established format of the company VALYEN S.A.U..
  • Availability of a system of daily / monthly reporting of the active sales team (sales representatives, supervisors).

Prerequisites for working with a retail outlet

  • Ensuring the placement of advertising materials provided by VALYEN S.A.U., in outlets in the territory.
  • Participation in promotion programs for consumers organized by VALYEN S.A.U. in the territory.


The company VALYEN S.A.U. to its Distributors guarantees:

  • Provision of individual trading conditions on the basis of the implementation of agreed goals for the implementation of the sales plan and the objectives for the promotion of VALYEN S.A.U. products.
  • Implementation of promotion programs for VALYEN S.A.U. products in the territory to stimulate sales of the Company's products. Presentation of promotional materials.
  • Training sales staff of the distributor to ensure the growth of the volume Sales of products of the company VALYEN S.A.U..
  • Carrying out motivational programs for sales staff of the distributor.